June 6, 2022

How to Become a Better Central Defender

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How to Become a Better Central Defender

This is a great question with a lot of different answers. There are four key elements that every center back needs. The four key elements are:

  1. Receiving the ball under pressure
  2. Playing quick short, easy, simple options, passes
  3. Working on defensive, 1v1 duels
  4. Becoming dominant with winning airballs.

To work on receiving under pressure and playing quick simple passes, start with a ball and a wall or other flat surface. Play the ball off of the wall. Use different surfaces of your feet as you receive or pass the ball. Work on scanning and checking your shoulders.

To work on 1v1, you will need a friend or teammate. Get out to the field and have that player receive a ball and start dribbling with speed at you. Work on positioning body shape, and how you are pushing that player, either in one direction or the other. The timing of when you might step in to try and make a tackle. If you do not have someone to work with, focus on these elements during team training.

Center backs on the team need to be vocal. The team needs information the center backs have because they can see the entire field. This is why you should be dominant in the air because you see the entire field.

As the ball is traveling towards the back line, you are not only setting the shape and the line of your defense, but you are the one who’s going to get up and attack and win the ball in the air. And hopefully clear that defensive pressure away from your goal.

You can work on that at home the same way. Get a ball, find a surface, toss the ball, or volley the ball off the surface. You can work on adjusting your feet. Try using a partner to stand in front of you and practice winning the ball over their head.

If you can master those four, you will win a spot on any team in that central defender position.

So get out there today guys start working on it.

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