April 25, 2022

Why do I feel lost in a specific corner?

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Question of the week: Why do I feel lost in a specific corner?

If you feel like you are lost in a specific corner and just can’t find a rhythm its usually down to one of towot things: not understanding what your objective is in that corner, or more commonly, a lack of visual reference points.

Every corner has 5 reference points: 1) Exit apex 2) Apex 3) Slow point of the corner 4) Turn in point 5) Braking point

We work backwards because where you exit changes where you apex, and where you apex changes where you turn in, and so on. If you feel lost in a corner it’s highly likely you are missing one or more of your reference points in that corner.

When you are missing a reference point you eyes don’t have a specific point to focus on. This actually causes us to have an entire lack of focus at that moment. When you are “in the zone” your eyes are constantly trasitioning from one reference point to the next.

Remember that saying, “where your eyes go is where your car goes”? Well, that’s exactly what is happening here! If you feel lost, take a step back and identify all 5 reference points in that corner.

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