June 6, 2022

How to Become a Better Communicator

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How to Improve Your Communication As A Soccer Player

Communication is a key element of the game of soccer. Communication, like any other skill, takes practice and training to master. But what kind of things can athletes do to train their skill of communication? How will it help them on the field?

Good teammates will take the time to listen to the needs of their peers. They know it helps improve the chemistry of the team as a whole. Choosing your words and the tone of your delivery to your teammates and coach is essential. Getting a message across to your teammates is more effective when you encourage them.

For instance, if your teammate makes a bad pass and the other team scores as a result, is it wise to yell negative things at the player who made the mistake? Or would it be more beneficial and effective if you encouraged your teammate to keep working hard?

These are the things that make players stand out on the field and in life in general. Simple effective communication within the team makes everyone’s life easier on the field. Problem-solving is simplified when teammates understand how and when to communicate with each other.

How do you train the skill of communication on your own? First, try working on your communication skills both at training and at home. During training, work on good habits like being friendly with each other. Be inclusive of everyone on the team and make sure nobody feels left out.

During training, see if what you say to your teammates is helpful or confusing. Remember, not every player has the same style of communication so you might find what works for some players might not work for others.

You can also work on your communication skills at home and in school. Your parents and teachers are like your life coaches who can help you improve your communication skills all the time. Parents and teachers have much more experience with communication. This makes them great resources for athletes to learn and apply on the field.

Communication builds confidence within players and also within the entire team. The more communication there is within the team, the more potential there is for a positive and successful performance as a team. Start stepping up and being a leader through the use of your communication skills. Coaches will love it!!

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