March 26, 2020

Overtaking On The Race Track

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Mike Edwards


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Overtaking On The Race Track

There are several keys to a successful overtake. In this video pro motorcycle racing coach Mike Edwards breaks down his three keys:

  1. Be proactive, not reactive. This is such a great principle for almost any technique on the race track. Think about how quickly you are approaching the rider in front and what areas can you take advantage of that speed to make your move, you need to be thinking 2 steps ahead.

2) Risk Management. Most of us aren’t making a living on the race track, we are out there to enjoy our passion. That is a good thing to remember when you are out there as there is plenty of opportunity for passing in a safe and effective manner. Patience is key!

  1. Be confident and aware. When you are confident in your own abilities and you are aware of everyone around you then you are going to find an effective way to overtake at any race track.

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