January 12, 2020

Blayze Launches Personalized World-Class Motorcycle Rider Coaching

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Blayze was founded in late 2018 with the goal of making professional, world-class coaching more affordable and accessible. Today, we are proud to announce our expansion into the motorcycle world.

Leveraging technology, Blayze offers professional, personalized, coaching for as little as \$99. Throughout the 2019 season, hundreds of amateur race car drivers saw the power of personalized professional coaching, with the average driver improving by 1.5 seconds per lap. By focusing on proper fundamentals and techniques, our expert coaches aim to help drivers, and now riders, improve both speed and safety.

Motorcycle riders will now be able to easily upload video from any track, any bike, any weekend, and receive personalized coaching from the best in the business. Joining the Blayze motorcycle coaching staff will be world-renowned coach, Ken Hill, and Macau GP race winner, Mike Edwards. Ken, frustrated by the extent of misinformation and inexpert advice in the racing and recreational riding communities, has dedicated his career to bringing a culture of professional coaching to the motorcycle industry, and we are thrilled to have him come aboard.

“To have Ken Hill and Mike Edwards join us as coaches is very special to our team at Blayze,” says Blayze co-founder, Dion von Moltke. “As my professional racing career was starting to wind down and I started realizing that the current education in amateur racing left a lot to be desired, I knew to fix this we needed to make the best coaches in the world more affordable and accessible. After speaking with Ken and Mike, it was clear that they saw the same issues in the motorcycle market, so, expanding Blayze was a no-brainer!”

To learn more about Blayze, their coaches, and how you can upload your video today, visit https://blayze.io/

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