April 7, 2020

Staying Fit for Driving: Strength, Balance, Reaction

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Last week we talked about alternative exercise outside the gym, since all of our favorite gyms are closed for the time being. Beyond just getting some exercise outdoors, using home equipment and doing general cardio work, here are some specific exercises that I do to benefit my driving performance.

Racing puts a lot of demand on various muscle groups, and it’s important to focus on specific areas such as the neck, shoulders, core and even legs. Some of the movements for strength training that benefit my driving skills include:

· Palloff press: this is a weighted core exercise that you can find tutorials for on YouTube. This exercise requires you to stabilize your core while moving weight away from and closer to your body.

· Weighted isometric holds, which are an easy neck exercise to do at home. You can get creative with the type of weight you use, including ordinary household items! You will be on your side or back while supporting the weight with your head for a length of time. Three sets of this makes a great neck workout.

· Another neck strength option is The Iron Neck, which is a device that attaches to your head so you can build neck strength with resistance bands.

There are some aspects outside of pure strength that are also important, like reaction time, visual training and vestibular system training, which is a key component that Trey Shannon at Podium Performance Fitness adds to my workouts.

Vestibular system training includes working on movements that improve equilibrium, predominantly while your eyes are closed. That helps develop a better sense of balance, which ultimately helps you feel the car better. Trey has a whole series of exercises that he uses to help drivers, and you can get more information about his program through Podium Performance.

Yes, you can keep your driving fitness up even from home! Feel free to share driver fitness tips with us over on my Facebook page so we can all stay healthy together!


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