June 2, 2018

Perfecting The Esses And Oak Tree At Virginia International Raceway

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Perfecting The Esses And Oak Tree At Virginia International Raceway Image
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Hey, guys, it’s Dion here at VIR. Wanted to walk you through how we take the Esses coaching tips that I use on my clients, so let’s get right into it here.

Your approach at the Esses, there’s gonna be an access road on the right, that’s the turn-in marker right here. Right at the start of this is where you’re gonna band it in, you’re gonna up-shift just before you get to the first left curve. This is the most important part because it sends you through this bit of a straightaway we call the Esses.

So you’re flat through here, bend it in early, back to the right. Most important thing, hands are straight over this curb. This is where we jump the car. So hands are straight, you land, over, just nibble that curb, get back to the right. Don’t know why the windscreen wiper goes, but just nibbling that curb.

Turn 10, you can get it all the way back to the right with enough speed, but it’s early turning back to the left. Look how early I’m getting to that great curb, just nibbling it, and making sure we get enough slowdown here to be able to the throttle, and use all the road on exit, but now quickly bringing it back to the left to set up for the famous Oak Tree, braking just past the tree port here, but you want to not brake too hard, because this whole brake zone is one long brake zone. You’re light on the brake as you cress, you don’t want to get back to throttle in between. Look how much road I’m using in the middle here. Still being patient before I go to throttle. Back to the apex, start applying the throttle. Now go, go, go, go, go.

Oak Tree and almost any corner leading onto a long straight away, once you pick up the throttle through the first time, you never wanna have to release it. So it’s really important to be as patient as possible.

Okay so let’s go see this full speed here.

Turn it in. There we go. Down the curb, early turn back, hands straight, jump the car, back to the left, back to the right, windscreen wiper goes again. Turn 10, early turn-in, that great curb, nibbling, go go go.

Now let’s listen to the throttle application, how late it is into Oak Tree.

Boom. Accelerate now. And that’s how I like to coach the Esses and Oak Tree. Thanks for watching. I want to hear from you, what other track or what specific corner combinations do you want to see next? Leave a comment below, and if you can, Subscribe and I’ll keep making these videos for you guys. Thank you very much.

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