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Zane Schweitzer

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Zane has been a waterman since birth. When he’s not surfing, Zane might be gliding through the wind kitesurfing or windsurfing, foiling, fishing with his father, diving, or training by paddling, swimming or body surfing. Zane is also an avid Dirt Bike Racer and loves spending time flying through the mountains with his Dad and his brother, Matty. Zane has been fortunate enough to travel and compete all around the world. At the early age of only 11 years old, Zane was already competing internationally and hasn’t stopped since. He has been around the globe quite a few times by now and always has fun doing the multitude of sports that he loves every where he goes. Connecting with the local community wherever he competes and spending time getting to know not only his competitors, but the locals as well brings Zane a great deal of joy. One of Zane’s strongest personality traits is also one he values immensely – the ability to build rapport and strong connection with people while sharing his talent and passion as a waterman. Zane has earned a few ISA World Champion titles in Sup Surfing. Zane claimed his 4th consecutive Overall World Championship win at the “Master of the Ocean” event and was honored to take the overall win at RedBull’s prestigious “Ultimate Waterman” Event in 2016 and 2017. Between these two events, (competing in Surfing, Windsurfing, Kite surfing, Stand Up Paddle Surfing, Stand Up Paddle Racing, OC1 Canoe, Longboard surfing, Prone Paddle boarding & swimming) Zane is now considered the best Waterman in the World! His grandparents invented the sport of Windsurfing, his parents were both world champions & Zane is now the 3rd generation Waterman pioneering his own path! Recently, Zane has been described as a “pioneer” in the sport of foiling. He is constantly training, innovating, making life an adventure full of being the best he can be. “Being the best YOU can be”  is what he shares with his coaching clients. No matter what discipline – or several – in which you strive to hone skills, experience and technique, you will receive valuable personalized coaching from one of the most adventuresome watermen in the world.

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