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Full Heat Analysis For  $99

Winning heats and championships takes a combination of skill, body and mind working together. In our heat analysis, you can upload your entire competition to our coaches and our coaches will coach you on everything you need to become a true champion.

This is the ideal coaching option for any serious athlete that really want to develop themself into a champion.

Full Heat Analysis


In our heat analysis, you can upload your entire competition to our coaches and our coaches will coach you on everything you need to become a true champion.

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  • Personalized to You
    We tailor our coaching to match your experience level. It doesn’t matter if you just completed your first track day or you have been racing for 20 years our coaches can help you drastically improve today.
  • When & Where You Need It
    Send in your video from any car, at any track, on any weekend. When you get your coaching video back it is always available to watch & re-watch anytime.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
    When you work with Blayze you are guaranteed to be learning personally from the very best coaches.

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Customer Feedback

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I had never considered coaching before because the price tag was always too high. I didn’t realize the power of pro coaching until Blayze made it affordable. After my first coaching session I immediately saw big improvement. Blayze is the cheapest way to seriously improve as an athlete.

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Jeff Bennett

Enthusiast Racecar Driver

01 March 2020

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I instantly lopped 1.7 seconds off my best time the first time out on the track from a 20 minute coaching session and a days work on my end. A fella could spend $7000 on a set of adjustable shocks and would be ecstatic to see that kind of improvement at Limerock. It cost me $100. Needless to say Blayze has been by far the greatest return on investment I’ve had from money spent trying to go faster on track.
“Needless to say I'm now a Bible-thumping Blayze Zealot. I'd encourage anyone to visit their site and chat with Dion to see how they can help with your driving.”

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Mark Petronis

Enthusiast Racecar Driver

14 Aug 2019

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The Blayze Champions Lounge is the single best deal in sports today. The online courses and live coaching sessions are very nicely put together and while athletes of any level will benefit from them they are especially good for the experienced athlete looking to maximize themselves.

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Eric Meyer

NASA Chief Driving Instructor

22 Sep 2019

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I sent in my first video for review on a lark and was amazed at what I got back. Dion really took his time to point out all the areas I have for improvement, including driver inputs, speeds, car position, car angle, and more. What amazed me was the follow up emails, A PHONE CALL, and a genuine caring that I understood what he was telling me and the concepts involved.
Having done HPDE for 20 years, tons of data analysis at all levels, and having worked with other professional coaches, I can say for certain - the attention and quality of info you get from Blayze is THE BEST!
I recommend Blayze's services to anyone and everyone without reservation.

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Matt Romanowski

Enthusiast Racecar Driver

18 June 2018


  • Can I Select A Specific Coach?

    Absolutely, during the purchase process we allow you to select a specific coach for a small additional charge. If you decide you would like to select a specific coach we can not guarantee a specific turn around time. If you would like a same day turn around time you will not be able to select a coach, this way we can ensure only coaches who are available the day you need your video back are selected.

  • How Do I Know If I Am Ready For A Coach?

    When you work with the very best coaches they can tailor their coaching to your experience level. So, it doesn't matter if it's your first day playing a new sport or you have been playing for 20 years our coaches can help you! Perfect for players of all ages, experience levels, and interest levels. No matter what your goals are in this sport, whether you want to go pro one day or you just want to beat your best friend and rival our coaches are here for you.

  • How Do I Upload My Video?

    You can easily upload your video straight from your phone or computer to our dashboard or you can even copy paste a link to your video on Youtube.

  • How Long Does It Take To Get My Coaching Session?

    We aim to turn around coaching sessions within 48 hours. You can absolutely select that same day coaching option to ensure your coaching session is turned around in less than 12 hours for those times you need it back faster!

  • Is My Coaching Video Secure?

    Yes! Only you will see your coaching video unless you decide you would like to share it.

  • What Video Camera Do I Need?

    Any camera! You can upload video from your phone, go-pro, or from any other video camera.

  • Where Should I Place My Camera?

    The best thing for most sports is to have a friend film you from your phone so that you can see your whole body fully. But, the most important thing is for the coach to get a clear view of the action you are performing. As long as you can get that we can likely give you a fantastic coaching session!

  • Who Are The Coaches?

    We believe the only way to learn is to ensure you are working with the very best coaches in the world. We founded Blayze with the goal of making it more affordable and accessible to learn personally from those coaches. So, when you come to Blayze for coaching you can be sure that you will be working with the best minds in sports coaching. Not only have they competed at the top levels of their sports, they have a unique ability to communicate complex and technical things in a way that is easy to understand and actually make the changes you need!