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Getting Started In The Water With Your Wingboard

Learning To Wingboard: Starting On The Water

Join Blayze pro coach, Zane Schweitzer as he walks us through how he sets up his Starboard wingboard. In episode 2, Zane walks us through how to get started on the water.

Getting Passed The Shorebreak

As we started to walk out into the water we want to hold the wing and our foil up high and over our head so we can walk it out and clear the wing and our board over the shorebreak.

Getting Onto The Board

After we clear the shorebreak we will want to work out body onto the board. Notice here that as Zane gets onto his board the board is upside down with the foil pointing up and forward.

This allows the rider to get over the shallow reef and paddle out to a safe depth to flip the board over.

Getting Comfortable

Now that we are in deep enough water we will hop off the board and flip it so that the hydrofoil is now in the water. To start getting comfortable Zane recommends climbing onto the board and keeping our weight towards the middle of the board.

From there we will transition to our knees and play with the pivot point to get comfortable.

Getting The Wing Ready

Once you are comfortable on the board we will use the leash to bring the wing in towards us. One of the most important aspect is to remember to keep control of those front handles. We want to make sure we are getting it towards the front point.

While you are still kneeling on the board and once we have a good grip of our wing, we will raise the wing above our head. Here we want to play with our hand positioning to find the ideal position for creating that forward momentum we are looking for.

Standing Up

Once we have figured out what our ideal handle position it's time to transition to standing up on our board.

We want this transition to be smooth. So, we will carefully place the wing down in the water next to us and quickly place our fists down on our board to be able to pop up onto our feet.

We then want to grab the wing and work our hands back into that ideal position we identified earlier. From there we will work our feet into the correct position on our board.

Once we find the correct position with our feet and body on the board and we have a good handle on the wing we will want to flay without pivot point and transition weight to the rear of the board to generate lift.

To help generate lift we can also work on a pumping motion with our legs on the board and with our hands on the wing to work towards flying earlier.

Upright Body Position

As we start out we will typically have a pretty upright body position. The goal here it to keep our center of gravity and weight stacked over the middle of the board.

Learning To Jibe

One of the first maneuvers we will want to learn once we are wingboarding is the jibe, this is going to be how we turn around.

To start preparing for our jibe we will want to slowly point the nose of your board downwind. As the board starts turning we will need to drop our backhand off the wing while still holding on firmly with our front hand above our head.

We will want to flip our wing around, but the wind will do most of the work here for you if you let it. As you finish your turn you will grab the wing again with your back hand.

As we finish our turn we want to point our nose slightly towards the wind again.

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