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How To Perfect The Frontside Layback Snap For Surfers

How To Perfect The Frontside Layback Snap

It Starts With Our Eyes

The first thing we want to identify is where on the wave do we want to perform the maneuver. By picking our eyes up early and finding the spot we want to surf towards we are giving ourselves plenty of time to setup and adjust as needed.

Not Dropping Too Low

As we drop down and work towards our bottom turn we are staying about mid face or slightly lower. For our frontside layback snap we want to come at the spot we want to pull off our maneuver we want to come in more horizontally.

As we drop down further on the wave that will make us approach in a more vertical direction which makes this maneuver even more difficult. Our horizontal approach will also help us keep our speed up which should help us with even more spray.

Going Into The Turn

As we start to go into the turn that is where we want to work our body into that layback position. We really want to focus on bringing our weight back into our back foot and extending our front leg straight.

Locking Out The Legs

One of the most important parts of the layback snap is to completely lock out our front leg as we are about to hit the section we want to pull of the maneuver.

Compressing Into The Board

This is the section where most amateur surfers go wrong. We are all thinking in the layback we need to continue to push the board away and ride out in the whitewash, but only the best in the world can truly pull that off.

So, to consistently pull this maneuver off as we start to come around we actually want to think about compressing into our board. As soon as we hit it we want to think about pulling our knees into our chest as we rotate back around.

Riding Out Of It

As we start to compress back into our board we will want to transition that weight from our back foot towards our front foot.

When we can we will then bring our hands down to frame our front foot. While we get our hands down by that front foot we also want to turn out our back leg so that we end up in a forward lung position.

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