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How To Setup A Coaching Session

Learning From The Best Has Never Been Easier

Looking to take your game to the next level? It's never been easier to upload your video from any camera!

Once you have created your free account (if you haven't yet you can do so by clicking here) you will click on "Buy Coaching" and then select your coaching.

From there you can select from the different coaching options and optional add-ons. When you are ready to upload your video you have 2 options:

Youtube Link: Already have your video on youtube? You can simply copy & paste your link here. Make sure the video is not private.

Direct Upload: You can upload your video directly to our dashboard as well!

After that just add a few notes to your coach and you are good to go!

What Is The Ideal Way To Film Yourself?

Our coaches can work with nearly any video, but the easiest way to film yourself and the best type of film for our coaches is if you can have a friend film your ride from the beach on your smartphone.

We can work with video from a go-pro on your board, but that does limit what the coach can see. So, if you can have a friend film you from the beach that is ideal!

Looking to take your racing to the next level?

Zane Schweitzer

Find out how you can be personally coached by the best coaches in the world for as little as $99

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