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Learning The Front Side Revese

Learning The Front Side Reverse

We Need Speed

One of the most important parts of executing the front side reverse and most stand up paddle maneuvers is speed!

We need to be focusing on generating speed not only with our board motion but also with our paddle as well.

The Paddle Transfer

Once we have gained enough speed and we have a good visual on the section of the wave we want to pull off this maneuver, it is time to focus on our paddle transfer.

To get setup for our front side reverse we will want to switch our paddle to our back side. As we go for our top turn we will want to twister our eyes, chest, and arms around. As we reach around we want to reach with the paddle as well and plant our paddle right as our board is connecting with the lip.

Rebound and Release

Ideally we are hitting this maneuver with enough speed that our fins will rebound and release as that paddle plants into the water. The paddle then turns into a pivot point for us to recover off of.

We really need to focus on forcing the rotation. The board will likely want to pull around, so when that happens we want to use our paddle to push around that nose.

At the same time that we push around the nose we want to also kick our back foot out. That will allow us to look over the shoulder to complete the front side reverse, switch the paddle to our other hand and ride out of the maneuver.

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