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Learning To Carve On Your Hydrofoil

Learning To Carve On Your Hydrofoil To Generate Your Own Speed

The up and down push is one of the most important things to do and learn on our hydrofoil. But, if we are looking for more control and more performance then the side pump and side carve that Zane Schweitzer coaches us here may be right for you!

As we start to learn how to generate speed on our hydrofoil let's first discuss how we learn how to carve.

In the video as we watch our rider we can see as he pumps down the line he has the very typical up and down pump motion. But, as he gets set to carve we see his style changes drastically.

To learn how to carve we need to think of our body like a spring. The rider compresses, drops low and gets set to transfer a lot more power. Not only does he drop lower but he also twists his upper body so that he is looking more out towards the ocean and less towards the front of his board.

As the rider starts to get ready to carve we can see his board starts off low towards the water. As we transition to the carve we want to raise our board much higher and then drive our weight and board down as we carve.

We want to really focus on that last point. When we carve we want to start high and drive down.

As with anything in our riding one of the most important things to focus on is where our eyes are looking. We can see in this video our rider does a great job getting his eyes looking where he wants to go and his cheat and body follow where the eyes are looking.

We want our eyes and chest to lead our turn. We can see in this video as he turns back and forth he opens up and drives his eyes, arms, and chest in the direction he wants to go before the hydrofoil is going in that new direction.

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