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How To Dominate The Competition With The Perfect Step Over

How To Perform The Step Over Like Pro Soccer Player

When & why do we want to use the step over?

The Step Over is used to help us generate space while on the ball to follow up with another good action, which could be any of the following:

1) A pass to a teammate

2) A cross to a teammate

3) A shot on goal

4) Continue your dribble

How to pull off the perfect step over

1) Identify The Space: The first thing we want to do is identiy where the open area is on the field that we can exploits while we are running at the defender. The step doesn't just happen magically - we need to be thinking about where the other defenders are, where is the open space on the field that we want to get to, and then which foot do we need to use for the step over.

2) Using the correct foot: Once we identify the area on the field that we want to go to, we need to use the step over to make the defenders lean or commit to the opposite part of the field. We want to use the opposite foot of the direction we want to go in.

For example in the video above, coach Mike identifies the opening on the right hand side of the field. So, he uses his left foot to for the step over to fake as if he's going to the left and then explodes to the right with the ball using his right foot.

How do I practice this?

To get started simply put the ball at your feet and just practice swinging one leg over the ball at a time and pushing the ball to the other side. Once you feel pretty comfortable with that let's bring it to the field!

You don't need any equipment other than yourself and a ball to pracitce this on the field. Some cones and a goal can help if you can get access to those but not necessary.

To start off try coming at the goal head on and set up an area (using cones, rocks, water bottles, or anything else) to identify where you want the step over to come. Work on really leaning with your body and comitting to that step over and pushing the ball wide into that open space you identifed. Be sure to work on this using both feet.

From there you can add complexity by working on coming at the goal at an angle. After the step over practice with a shot, a pass, or a cross to a target.

When is the best time during a game to try this?

It's all about situational awareness as a Soccer player. When you are training any skill you should always be thinking about how this applies within game play. The step over is going to be best used in the following situations:

1) 1 on 1 situations

2) When you need to generate space to serve in a great ball or take a shot on goal

3) Continue your dribble

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