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Learning SUP Beach Starts With Connor Baxter

The SUP Beach Start With Connor Baxter

Before we even get into the art of the beach start we must first know which side we want to start with. Which side is our strong side?

As you practice this attempt it on both your left and right side. Most athletes will pretty quickly learn which side is their strong and fast side right away.

For Connor, his strong side is his left side. That means he is holding his SUP board and paddle all on the left side of his body.

This allows Connor to be ready to take his first stroke the second he lands on his board in the water.

Using The Handles

As we have the board and paddle in hand it is key to hold the board from the handles as you run into the water.

This allows us to hold the board flat and alongside us as we run.

The Correct Timing

As we start to transition from running, to getting on the board, to paddling there is a lot going on and we need to do everything in the right order.

Here is Connor's correct order of events:

  1. Board goes into the water after 1 or 2 steps out into the water
  2. We transition to our knees for a split second on the board
  3. Let the board glide briefly
  4. Pop up straight to our feet
  5. Start Paddling

What Does Connor Like To Focus On?

  • Timing: Finding a spot to just practice the timing of the steps above. Especially the timing of transitioning from our run to putting the board down into the water.
  • Handles: Make sure your board has the handles so we can run alongside it and keep it flat.

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