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The Top 3 Mistakes Riders Make When Learning To Backflip

Learning To Backflip On A Scooter Safely

In this video pro scooter rider for Team Fuzion breaks down the three biggest misconceptions about back flipping on a scooter and how to practice this dangerous move safely to perfect it.

What are the top 3 mistakes scooterriders make when first learning to backflip?

1) Not having enough speed

2) Do NOT bail out

3) Where to learn how to safely land the trick

Step 1: Get Enough Speed

Not having enough speed can make us result in not getting enough elevation to give us the time needed to do the full backflip. The biggest sign you have of not having enough speed is when you end up landing on your stomach as you come down.

When we are first starting out it's hard to say you need enough speed to land on our wheels, so a good sign that you have enough speed is that when you fall or land and you land on your butt that may be a good thing early on!

Not all ramps are suited to do backflips on. We need enough speed and on the ramps with less height even with a hard push off it will be hard for us to generate enough speed. Before you even attempt your first backflip, first identify if this ramp is the right height for us to generate the type of speed we need to backflip.

Step 2: Make Sure You Stay Committed

This step here can not be overstated, it is so important while doing a flip to stay committed to that flip. Bailing out of a flip mid-flip lands to some of the biggest injuries we see in our sport - so once you can started do everything you can to stay committed and DON'T bail out mid flip.

Step 3: Find The Safest Places To Learn How To Backflip

The absolute safest places to learn how to backflip are foam pits or airbags that we can land on. Now, not everyone has access to those. If you are a rider that can't use one of those options what are your next best places to learn?

Learn onto a rezi or mattress. Mattress is sort of a makeshift option for those who don't have a rezi, but we would really prefer you use a rezi.

The final option is learning on wood. When we fall it hurts a lot less to fall on wood than it does to fall on concrete. Ideally we use one of the two options above before moving to wood, but before we ever do it on concrete make sure you are consistently landing the trick on wood first!

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