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Why Performance Analysis Is For All Athletes

“The most important thing (for performance) is film study”

Ray Lewis, Superbowl Champion

The Impact of Performance Analysis For Athletes

Welcome to our team at Blayze! We are a group of professional coaches and athletes that are bonded together by a mission of enabling anyone in the world to have the opportunity to learn personally from world class coaches. As we started this process we knew we wanted to center the coaching around the single most important tool to our success: 1-on-1 performance analysis with a focus on video analysis.

The second part we became passionate about solving was how to scale personalized coaching online. With the rise of the internet came the rise of “generic” courses like Youtube Guru’s or Masterclasses. While those can be interesting, they are actually not helpful and in our studies actually hurt performance of athletes more than 70% of the time.

With the average youth sports team having a ratio of 15:1 player’s to coaches, we wanted to create an environment where every single athlete had the full attention and focus on a coach in a 1:1 ratio.

Why Video Analysis?

Did you know that research shows that on average, athletes and coaches can only recall 30% of performance correctly?

While a lot of us thought in-person coaching was the only way, the research kept leading us in a different direction. While in-person coaching has its benefits what we started to learn was that by focusing on performance analysis it gave our coaches and athletes some very specific advantages:

  • It allowed for more evidence based decisions. By taking out emotions, assumptions and speculation our athletes were systematically able enhance their ability to make the right decisions at the right time.
  • It improved communication between the athlete/coach by enabling the coach to show the athlete exactly what they are doing and the exact changes they want.
  • It provided a more collaborative coaching experience. The process of analyzing performance on the field or during live practice is often coach telling the player what needs to change. When you develop a repore away from the field, away from emotions, and walk through video together it turns into a collaborative experience in which the player develops a deeper understanding of what they are doing and gains more accountability over their performance.

Of course the popularity of “video analysis” has gained serious traction over the past few years, but it is important to understand how best to use it and how it fits as just one section of a performance analysis company.

Almost any coach will say they are a video analysis expert in today’s world. But, the reality is that annotating on a screen is not performance analysis nor helpful to the athlete by itself.

A coach being able to highlight what can be improved, why it needs to be improved, and setting a clear plan for improving is coaching - that is why Blayze isn’t just a video analysis platform but a true performance analysis and coaching platform. Our coaches focus on the what, the why, and the what in every coaching session and ensure the athlete can start to answer those questions themselves over time.

Sounds Awesome.. But Does It Work?

The results we have been able to drive through coaching relationships built on Blayze has made us immensely proud and excited for the future of coaching that we are building here at Blayze!

Our coaches have now worked on more than a thousand coaching sessions for hundreds of customers and we have seen a 90%+ increase in our athletes performances.

For example, meet Jeff Bennett; one of our very first customers at Blayze. He joined and started working with his new coach, Rolex at Daytona 24 Hour winner Dion von Moltke.

Over the next months of working together Jeff & Dion worked together every race weekend. Jeff had a plan for each weekend, new what to work on, and kept reviewing his races with Dion. After just 18 months Jeff went from consistently finishing in the bottom 10% of his races to winning his first national championship.

You read that right… just 18 months from struggles to championships. Jeff is now set up to continue to perform for years to come!

Ancillary Benefits

As we have now been working on this journey for quite a while, we have seen some additional benefits from performance analysis that weren’t immediately evident to us when we started.

Injury Prevention:

Video analysis has turned out to be a great preventative to sports related injuries. Did you know more than 1.35million athletes in just youth sports are injured every year playing sports? This equates to a trip to the emergency room every 25 seconds. Through consistent video analysis and 1:1 attention with coaches, bad habits and form can be caught early and a huge number of injuries can be prevented.

Taking Out The Emotions For Best Results:

By being able to step away and objectively view ourselves with a trusted source through video analysis athletes can take out the emotions we all experience while practicing or competing. Coaching in a non-emotional state actually provides the best environment for coaching to sync in.

Science Shows It Benefits Brain & Body:

Science has recently shown that video analysis does not only help an athlete mentally but physically as well. There is a psy­choneu­ro­mus­cu­lar theory that hypoth­e­sizes that athletes can actually improve their performance by seeing video of themselves or others. “Basically when you imagine yourself doing things, through video or through your mind, the hypothesis is that it activates neural pathways in the same way as when you’re physically executing the skill,” says, Brett Haskell, director of Sports Psychology at Nebraska University. ​“To a lesser degree, you’re getting physical repetitions through your nervous system even though you’re not actually executing the movement.”

(photo by: 2045810 ©Scott Anderson Dreamstime.com)

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