February 3, 2023

10 Track Day Essentials

Dion von Moltke

Car Racing

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At Blayze we don't want to only help you improve on track, but we also want to make the whole experience of everything leading up to the event to the time you leave a better experience!  In this article we give you the 10 most important items to making your track days not only run smoother, but also keep you safer on track!

1 - Helmet.  This one is pretty self-explanatory, we want you to be safe on track and a helmet is the most important item to keeping safe.  There is a big difference in the quality of helmets, don't believe us?  Then you need to watch this video:

There are a lot of brands out there making great helmets, but we like to recommend Arai. (Note this is not an ad and we do not receive any financial benefits from this recommendation)  To take a look at Arai helmet options check here.  We do recommend the full face helmets with visors as well.

2 - Tire Pressure Gauge.  These are critical pieces of safety as well.  Too low or too high of pressures can lead to tire failures, so make sure you are within the recommended tire pressures for whichever tires you use.  They can also drastically affect the feel of the car, so it is a great and easy way to play with setup!

3 - Torque Wrench.  When you are exposing your car to a little more load and thrashing around on a track you want to go the extra mile to make sure everything is done properly.  A torque wrench takes away margin of error and can get your lug nuts accurately tightened.

4 - Fluids.  Having extra oil is critical.  During a track day you may burn through more oil than you expect, so don't let that bring your day to a premature end.  (especially if you have to drive your track day car back home)

5 - Paper Towels.  Hey, track day events can get messy, it's one of the things we love about them right?  These will be great for many purposes, such as helping you check your oil, clean your windshield or even as your napkin for lunch.

6 - Gloves.  Here is another overlooked safety item.  During track days we often have our hands outside the window giving point bys or communicating with officials.  Gloves will keep your hands safe outside the car, while also giving you a better grip on the wheel and help you get rid of that white-knuckle bad habit.  The Sabelt Challenge TG-3 glove is a great bang for your buck option.  You can get a pair by clicking here (Once again we do not receive any financial benefit by this recommendation)

7 - Journal.  You want to keep your track notes together to be able to refer back to them for your next track day.  A journal is a great way to do that!  Another item to help you progress is a simple go pro that you can set up in your car.  Video is a fantastic way to analyze your driving and learn from your mistakes.  Oh, while we are talking about improving on track have you seen our coaching services?  We promise you will be blown away from our coaching, and it all comes with a satisfaction money back guarantee!

8 - Easy Up.  Having a place to escape the sun or rain while you relax in between session, eat lunch, or work on your car is important.  A simple easy up tent is all you need and is a great product.  You may want to invest in a few ratchet straps and keep it tied down to something heavy during the weekend.  It is not uncommon to see easy ups flying through paddocks, and that is extremely dangerous.  So, take the extra time to keep them tied down for your safety and everyone else at the track!

9 - Medical kit.  Not much to add here, when you are working on a car it is always important to keep one of these close by.

10 - Jack & Jack Stands.  Using the little jack that comes with the car can get old quick if you are working on your car.  Making the investment in a proper jack is well worth it, and while you are doing that adding some jack stands to your purchase is vital.  When you are under the car make sure you have those jack stands properly set up, they can save your life if something goes wrong!
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