February 3, 2023

What A Coaching Session With A Champion Looks Like

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Dion von Moltke

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Alessandro has been working with Blayze throughout the 2019 season and his skills and talent behind the racecar are extremely good. We are working on slightly more advanced and nuanced skills with him compared to a lot of racecar drivers, but you can see there are still fundamentals we focus on.

You can see here that Alessandro has a good turn in spot, but he is apexing too soon. How does that happen? Well, it means he is turning too aggressively. If we can get him to slow his hands down more at corner entry that will not only allow him to apex in a better position, but will also allow him to roll in more entry speed.

We have an article where we go a little more in-depth on this topic here.

At the end of the video we can tell Alessandro's eyes are slightly low are corner exit. How do we know this when he is using all the track at corner exit? Well, what is not often spoken about is how early do we want to get out to the exit curb.

Notice that Alessandro only gets out and parallel with the exit curb near the very end of it. That tells us he is not opening his hands as early and as much as he can. The more steering input you have in the car the more scrub you have and longer it takes you to get back to full throttle.

All of this means he is not maximizing his corner exit. He needs to get his eyes up looking for that exit curb just after turn in and we want to him to be asking himself, "how early can I start to unwind the steering wheel" while he is trail braking down to the apex.

So, if you want to find out directly from a world-class coach how you can improve by sending in your video and receiving a personalized coaching video for under \$100 we would love to work with you at Blayze. You can find out more about our services and how you can start finding seconds like the hundreds of drivers we have worked with to date have as well by clicking here.

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