February 20, 2023

How do I get better at feeling during brake release?

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Question of the week: How do I get better at feeling that last bit of brake release?


Dion: Here are 3 things you can do to work towards improving your feel at the end of a brake zone:


- Have a heel stopper: When braking we want to make sure our heel is not in the air. Having a simple heel stopper to rest your heel against below the brake pedal can big a massive help to feeling more attached to the car.
- Practice on the streets: No... we don't mean go racing on the streets. But, think about what you do at a stop sign. You slowly ease into the brakes and reach maximum pressure as we stop right? Well, that's the opposite of what we want at the track. Instead, try building to peak brake pressure early in that brake zone for your stop sign and actually slowly release off the brake pedal as you come to a stop at the stop sign.
- Ensure you have the right shoes: Seems obvious right? But, it can be often overlooked. If you are driving in your most comfortable Nike's you may look fast out of the car but you won't be fast in it. Make sure you have a good pair of proper racing shoes, they have a thin sole that can really help you with feeling the pedals. Do you have a question you want answered? Click here to shoot us an email with your question and you might see it answered in our next newsletter!

Video of the week: Is this an early candidate for the race of the year?

Pro racer and occasional Blayze pro coach, Mike Skeen joined in for some SpecE46 fun at VIR for the annual battle for the belt! It was a MEGA race and if you look closely in your rear view mirror you can see this battle got a little heated. If you like side by side racing and an out braking maneuver to win a race that will make your jaw drop then you will want to watch this race! Click here to view. If you have a better candidate for race of the year make sure you send those in so we can share them with the community!

Article of the week: Why is trail braking fast?

In this weeks article we're talking about the thing we have all already mastered.. trail braking. If you're one of the few that thinks maybe they haven't mastered it yet then this article is for you! We'll talk about WHY it's faster and we'll have some fun while doing it. You'll also see Dion going against one of his teammates, Chris Haase, through turn 17 at Sebring International Raceway to see who the ultimate trail braker was on the team! Want to know who did it better? Click here to see! We won't always share our own articles, so if you have any favorites from any websites please don't hesitate to share!

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