February 20, 2023

The best way to feel how much grip there is in wet conditions

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The best way to feel how much grip there is in wet conditions Image

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The best way to feel how much grip there is in wet conditions

Did you watch the start of last weeks Monaco Grand Prix? As the cars went out under the safety car for their first lap in the wet you may have seen Charles Leclerc doing something a bit strange.

In the middle of Massenet, a long duration left hander, you saw him continue to add and release steering input in the middle of the corner. If you look closely at this video at the 7 second mark you will see one of those. (He did this probably 5 or 6 times throughout the corner)

If you don't know what you're looking for you could have thought that was related to generating tire temp. But, what Leclerc is actually doing is trying to get a read on how much grip he has.

When you turn more and the car responds and actually turns it's a great sign you aren't really that close to the limit. This is especially true when you are on a light maintenance throttle where the car should understeer when you are close to the limit.

So, when Leclrec turns that extra amount and you see the car respond by turning as well it's telling him there is a decent amount more grip here in this corner. It's a fantastic way to try and slowly work up to the limit in unpredictable conditions!

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Video of the week: Mark gets back on track ❤️

This video of the week is a special one for the Blayze team. For those of you who don't Mark Petronis you are missing out on knowing one hell of a good time.

Last year, Mark had a near fatal incident this time last year on track. Just a little over a year later he got right back on track and immediately was right back to crushing it.

Mark, we love you bud and are SO excited to see you back out there. Thank you again for taking the time to also educate the community on the importance of safety in our sport.

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Article of the week: "Butter Smooth on entry; full cowboy on corner exit" - Andy Lally

Cowboy Exit

Andy Lally is not just full of speed, he's full of great quotes as well and this is one of my favorites.

But, what the hell does that mean? Well it's all about doing whatever you can to keep full throttle once you work towards picking up full throttle for the first time. Sounds obvious, but it's one of the biggest areas we see drivers making mistakes in.

Click here to learn what Andy is talking about and how to put your cowboy hat on at corner exit.

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