June 5, 2023

Improve Your Exit Reference Points

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1.  It's Not Just About Using All The Road at Corner Exit

One of the core focus areas that I work with a lot of more advanced drivers on is our corner exit reference point.  The big think I want them to think about is not, "am I using all the road on corner exit?" but instead, "where on the exit curb should I be getting out all the way wide?"

Through thousands of coaching sessions on Blayze I've identified a few specific areas that pros separate themselves from good grassroots racers and this is one of those areas.

So, what do pros do differently?

Simply, they get out to the exit curb earlier than the grassroots racer.

The best way to think about this or coach it is credited to Blayze coach, Ken Hill.  He calls the exit reference point an "exit apex".  The definition he uses for this is the exit apex reference point is the exact point where you get to the widest point on corner exit.

I like this framing a lot because our exit turns into a more specific point.  As a thought exercise, I usually ask drivers the following question in about any corner:

1. Can you tell me where your apex is?
2. Can you tell me where you exit?

Typically, the answers I hear go something like this:

I apex on the 3rd blue line of the apex curb, so right before mid curb.  On exit, I get out to the exit curb.

Notice the difference there?  Imagine if we just thought about the apex as anywhere on the apex curb is fine?  On exit, we want to get as specific on where we want to get all the way wide as we do on the normal apex.

Moving forward here is what I would highly suggest you incorporate into your own driving:

Start with your own video and watch your laps and note exactly where you are currently getting to the widest point of the corner.

From there I would go to the Blayze approved onboard video section or find onboard from any quality pro in a vehicle somewhat similar to yours and watch their video.  Note exactly where they get all the way wide and you'll start to get an idea of where their exit apex reference point is.

Then when you're on track you want to really get your eyes focused on that earlier exit apex reference point.  By getting wider earlier you'll be able to start to unwind the steering wheel (or reduce lean angle for motorcycle riders) earlier which helps you get more aggressive on throttle and roll in my entry speed as well.


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