November 14, 2022

Max Verstappen vs. Daniel Ricciardo… What Led To Their Crash?

Dion von Moltke

Car Racing

Max Verstappen vs. Daniel Ricciardo… What Led To Their Crash? Image

What an amazing Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Of course, everyone's talking about the Red Bull Teammates, their incident. They had a few touches here and there, but it led to a big crash near the end of the race. We're going to talk about what happened in that brake zone and how to avoid it when you're driving on track. 00:17 Now, we can see here Ricardo's setting up in the tow. He's actually pretty far back, but he's getting a massive tow here, and his hands are straight. Just set it up, try to figure out where to go. We see here, Ricardo's going to fake to the right. Now, he has two choices. Either commit to the right side of the road, which he's tried multiple times before in the race and it didn't work, or fake to the right, go back to the left. It's a pretty common move, but it's a pretty high risk move and one we don't often see Formula One teammates do on one another. So moving a little bit further along here, we're going to see he's pretty far the right. Now, we see he's already committing back to left-hand side of the road. Max has completely blocked this, but we're going to see him potentially move back to the right side of the road. We don't want to see a driver make two or three moves in the brake zone, but we do see Max do that here, which puts most of the blame here on Max. 1:04 So we can see, there's a car width of road here, but Ricardo isn't going for it. He's not decisively going. He's kind of himself, moves around, and this is going to confuse Max. We see Max open it up but he doesn't know where Ricardo's going because Ricardo's not being decisive. Now, very late, Ricardo's going to go for the left-hand side of the road but now we're going to see Max close this. This move right here is a big no-no on Max. There's no room here. Ricardo now tries to go back to the right but he gets into the airflow of Max, locks up, and he has nowhere to go. And then he's gonna obviously going to hit the back of Max. 1:42 So the issue here is, really it's a racing incident because Ricardo wasn't decisive and he tried a pretty high risk move on Max Verstappen. But Max also was moving in the brake zone, which is a big no-no and what causes a lot of these accidents. So, while it's a race accident, we really think that what lead up to this crash was the earlier incidents between the two teammates. So, when you guys are driving on track, just remember, once you've committed to a line on a brake zone, stick to that line, don't move in the brake zone. That's what leads to accidents and we don't want to see that, obviously, in any club racing scenario or even in professional racing. 2:22 So, that was our Blayze video analysis on what happened in the Red Bull Teammate crash at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Hope you enjoyed it. It's been a fantastic season so far. We couldn't show you guys the full videos, so make sure you check below. And, if you would like to get more analysis on racing incidents, overtaking maneuvers, and all of that, please consider subscribing to our channel. We'll see you guys next time.
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