November 16, 2022

Blayze Partners With The National Auto Sport Association

Dion von Moltke

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The National Auto Sport Association is pleased to announce that Blayze has been named the Official Driver Coaching Partner of NASA. Blayze introduced a radical new way to offer elite-level coaching in a personal and affordable way that is available to drivers of all levels. As part of the brand-new driver- coaching partnership, NASA drivers will receive a 10 percent discount on Blayze’s flagship service, one-lap analysis coaching.

Blayze is changing the model of the traditional coaching structure. By leveraging technology, the very best professional coaches in the business no longer cost thousands of dollars a day. With Blayze, you can receive personalized coaching from drivers, who have experience racing professionally in IndyCar, Formula 1, the IMSA Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona and many more, starting at only \$99.

Drivers send in their video, and/or data from any camera system available today. A professional coach will then analyze driving performance and return a personalized video back to the driver with insight and feedback on how to go faster the next time around the track. All of that happens in 48 hours or less.

“I am so excited to announce this partnership with the National Auto Sport Association because it is the first big partnership for us!” said Dion von Moltke, Co-Founder and pro coach at Blayze. “We know there is a big gap in the driver-education market. Top-level coaches are just not affordable for nearly all drivers. So, to see the impact coaches like Memo Gidley, Pippa Mann, Peter Krause, myself and many others have been able to make is truly special. To date, we have worked with more than 100 drivers and we have seen 100 percent of drivers go faster, and on average by a lot! The average driver has been able to gain 2 seconds after just one session with our coaches.”

“We are proud to bring in Blayze as our Official Driver Coaching Partner of NASA for 2019,” said Aldrin Villanueva, NASA Sales and Marketing. “We invited Blayze to the Championships event at COTA last year to see how it all works first hand, and were impressed with what we saw. Feedback from drivers was extraordinary, and we felt it was the beginning of a natural partnership. This new program with Blayze brings even more value to our NASA members looking to improve lap times on new and familiar racetracks and is perfect for any level of driver interested in additional coaching.”
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