November 14, 2022

Perfecting The Race Start And Tire Warming

Dion von Moltke

Car Racing

Perfecting The Race Start And Tire Warming Image
Hey everyone, welcome to Blayze. New edition here for getting ready for a race start, getting tires and temperatures all heated it up.

So often, coming to a race start you'll see people kind of weaving left and right. That really isn't actually that efficient. It just cleans off the tires. What you want to do is accelerate and brake hard, accelerate and brake hard, and then drag the brakes, drag the brakes. So you see there I just kind of ran wide, did a little bit of scrub, but now we're accelerate and brake, accelerate and brake. You see everyone around me doing the same thing. That's generating heat in the brakes, which will then spanned out onto the tire surface and keep the tire from the inside out. Way more effective.

So on that pace lap is where you really want to be doing that as much as possible. Once you form up here, you want to be dragging the brakes. So we're dragging the brakes, dragging the brakes. You're going to see on this race start, I don't get a good start. I want you to watch this. Think about why I didn't get a good start, and then we'll go back through it.

So what do you think? The reason I didn't get a good start is because I wasn't dragging the brakes and having constant throttle. I was trying to guess when the leader would go and as I lifted, they went.

So look again. I should be dragging. I should be dragging. Here I'm popping off the throttle, popping off the throttle. I didn't get off of it. They go and then I go.

What I should have done is had a constant throttle and use the brakes to really slow you down. You could be using a lot of brakes, and keep that throttle consistent. If the lead guy in front of you slows down, then you can add more brake. If they start to go a little bit, you can release the brake. That way you're a lot more consistent, smoother, and you're ready to go.

You also need to make sure your eyes are looking up, and if you're two or three rows back, or four rows back, you're looking as far forward as you can. So when those leaders go, you go.

That's a quick little thing here on how to get tires up to temp and how to start. Hopefully this helps. Thanks for being a fan of Blayze. Hope you loved the video. If you can give us rating on Facebook, on Twitter. Follow us. We really appreciate that, and look forward to the next one.
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