January 14, 2023

Racing Skills In 60 Seconds - Smooth Inputs

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Dion von Moltke

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Hey everyone, Coach Dion is here with another coaching race tip in under 60 seconds! We are going to cover smooth inputs today! Let’s get started.

Why do we need smooth inputs?

One of the most common mistakes new drivers make is being too aggressive on initial turn in. We all watch our favorite professional racecar drivers on tv and see how fast their hands go. And we want to copy that on the track. But their cars are much lighter and have much stiffer springs. This allows the weight of the car to move much faster and more efficiently.

In pretty much any car an amateur driver uses, it will be heavier. Meaning the weight needs more time to move. When the weight moves it will eventually take a set. We call this "finding its platform." Once it has found that platform, we have the grip to turn in more sharply and carve down into the apex.

To put it simply we want a gentle initial turn in. Once the car takes a set we want to add more steering as we approach the apex. Once we get to the apex and start accelerating, we want to be sure to start opening our hands! As always, we are making sure our eyes are looking far enough forward during all of this!

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