February 26, 2024

The Top 3 Mistakes At Sebring International Raceway

Dion von Moltke

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The Top 3 Mistakes At Sebring Internatioanl Raceway

Sebring International Raceway is one of the most challenging race tracks in the country and even the world.

Most drivers think "bumpy" when they think of Sebring International Raceway, but the challenges go beyond the bumps. At its core it is a very technical race track where the grip levels change heavily based on small changes in temperature. To be fast at Sebring International Raceway racecar drivers must avoid these three mistakes that our racecar driver coaches at Blayze often see.

  1. Avoid the early apex at turn 3 - It is very easy to turn in too quickly and apex way too early in turn 3. That will push you wide and not allow you to get back to full throttle in-between 3 and 4. Drivers need to focus on slow hands at turn in, a long trail brake, so that they can apex only at the very end of the apex curb. We want to be trail braking all the way to that point.
  2. Trail braking into turn 7 - It is really easy to get impatient in turn 7 and jump on the throttle too early. What is important at turn 7 is getting back to FULL throttle as early as possible. To do that we need patience. We want to trail brake all the way down to the apex so that we can get the rotation we need to jump on the throttle aggressively and get back to full throttle as early as possible.
  3. Keeping it too tight approaching the bridge in turn 17 - Even the best of lines at Sebring International Raceway are extremely bumpy, but when you are slightly off the fast line it can get even worse. A lot of drivers get way too close to the inside wall before the bridge at turn 17.

The best indicator are the two yellow lines we see approaching the bridge. If your right front tire is on or inside of the yellow line closer to the wall you are way too far to the right. We want our car to the left or ontop of the yellow line further away from the wall.

If we roll in enough entry speed we won't be able to get the car that far inside and it sets us up to have a much stronger exit.

Sebring International Raceway Full Track Breakdown.

If you are a Blayze Driver's Lounge subscriber you can watch the full track breakdown from Blayze today by clicking on the following link.

Sebring International Raceway Full Track Guide

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