April 11, 2023

How Field Hockey Goalkeepers Can Get Up Quickly and Safely

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As a professional field hockey goalkeeper coach, I am constantly looking for new techniques and tips to share with my players. Recently, I came across an excellent YouTube video that demonstrates how to get up quickly and safely as a goalie. I believe this method is highly effective, and I'd like to share my main takeaways from the video with you.

Step by Step Guide for Quick and Safe Recovery:

  1. Keep your upper body facing the ball: One of the key points emphasized in the video is the importance of having your upper body face the ball at all times. This means that you should never turn your back or your side towards the top of the D (shooting circle).

  2. Focus on your core: The video highlights that the center of your body holds most of your weight, so using that to your advantage when getting up is crucial. It's essential to avoid rolling onto your belly and instead concentrate on getting up using your hips.

  3. Position your legs: With your bottom leg still on the ground, bend your knee and bring it in towards your body. Keep your top leg straight and stretched out, as demonstrated in the video.

  4. Push up with your hand: Place your hand on the ground (the one on the same side as your bottom leg) and use it to push your body up, just as shown in the video.

  5. Rotate your inside leg: As you push up with your hand, pivot your inside leg so that you rotate up to your knee, ending up on the ball of your foot.

  6. Push off the ground: Use your back foot to push off the ground, getting you back into a standing position.

  7. Keep your head and eyes up: The video stresses the importance of keeping your head and eyes up throughout the entire process, ensuring that you maintain focus and are prepared for the next shot.

A great exercise you can get to become more explosive in getting up is the turkish get-up.

Having watched this insightful YouTube video, I can confidently say that the method demonstrated aligns with my own coaching approach for helping goalkeepers get up quickly and safely. I strongly encourage my players to follow these steps, as it allows them to be always prepared for the next save while minimizing the risk of injury. In my coaching sessions, I emphasize the importance of practicing these techniques consistently. With dedication and practice, goalkeepers will improve their recovery time, making them more effective and agile on the field, which is a testament to the effectiveness of this method and its value in goalkeeper training.

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