June 2, 2018

Perfecting Hogpen at Virginia International Raceway

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Hey Christian, Congrats! You’re this week’s Pick Your Corner winner. You asked us to go through your driving and take a look at Hogpen and see how we can help there.

Overall you’re looking really good through there. So, not too much to work on but we do have some finer details that can help you find speed. Let’s put the time on the clock. 60 seconds and get right into it.

So, what we’re going to see here is I think we’re turning into slightly too early. We can see just before the end of that curb on our right we’re already coming in. I’d like to see you probably turn in just a half car length later.

And then, what’s going to happen is we’re going to have just a slightly different angle. I want to see you using more of this curb. I want to get about another tire or so width onto that curb and use every little bit of it and then keep it further left just a little bit past the edge of it.

So we’re going to go a little bit farther forward. Right here, we kind of just end up going straight for this next section here. I’d like to see you hold a little bit more and then turn harder down into that and then delay that initial throttle input just ever so slightly. We are getting to throttle about here. I’d like to see you wait until right about here and then get really aggressive as the car compresses. S o you delay that initial throttle, then you can get the full throttle earlier it’s going to help you all the down the straightaway.

We just ran over overtime here. So, hopefully that helped you. Little bit later turn in. Use more of that curb. Hold it to the left a little bit longer before going back to the right. And then delay that initial throttle, really hit, commit to full throttle as the car compresses. That’s been our Hogpen coaching here at our Pick Your Corner with Blayze.

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