June 3, 2022

Racing Skills In 60 Seconds - Racing in Wet Conditions

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Hey everyone, Coach Dion is here with another coaching race tip in under 60 seconds! Today we are going to talk about best practices for driving in wet conditions.

The important thing to understand when racing in wet conditions is you have to experiment. In dry conditions, there’s really one fast line, one way to drive.

In the wet, it changes. If it rains harder, the grip changes. As it dries out, the grip changes.

The number one thing drivers have to know is to experiment. Try different lines to find where the grip is.

There are going to be some best practices:

  • Usually, the rubber line, where we drive in dry conditions, is going to be the slickest in wet conditions. Because the oils on the track and the rubber come to the surface.
  • We want to avoid painted lines.
  • We want to avoid curbing.
  • For the most part, as grip comes down, our longitudinal grip – brake and acceleration – is not going to come down as much as our lateral grip – corner speeds. We typically want to have a little bit more of a point-and-shoot type of driving in wet weather conditions.

That is our coaching tip in under 60 seconds. Hopefully, this helps your racing in wet conditions, keeps you safe, and improves your performance. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us at Blayze at any time.

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