February 26, 2024

Soccer Skills in 60 Seconds: The Double Scissor

Mike Semenza


Hey guys, it’s coach, Mike Semenza back here with Blayze soccer and another “Skills in 60 Seconds” for you guys.


Today, we are going over a skill move called the Double Scissor. This is one of my favorite moves. It is also one of the most effective moves in the game.


Practicing the Double Scissor


First, set up a little set of cones. Use the cones, or markers, as defenders. As you approach the defender, make small touches. Small touches on the ball to make sure it stays close to your body. You can wait for the defender to step into you with the small touches.


To do the double scissor, one foot steps over the ball, then the other foot steps over the ball and you push the ball to the side. For example, step over with the right foot, step over with the left foot, and push with the right foot.


Why Is the Double Scissor Effective?


As the foot travels over the ball, your weight shifts from one side to the other. This makes the defender move in that direction. When I do the move with my other foot, it makes the defender move in the opposite direction. This creates confusion and separation from the defender.


Watch the Pros


Let’s watch Cristiano Ronaldo, who is one of the best players in the world. Notice his small touches. Keeping the ball close to his body. As soon as the defender slows himself down to attempt to take the ball, Ronaldo sees the separation and the time. His weight shifts one way, then the other, and now he leaves the defender on the ground behind him and takes a shot on goal.


Hope you guys enjoyed it.


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