February 26, 2024

Soccer Skills in 60 Seconds: Striking the Ball With Your Laces

Mike Semenza


Hey guys, it is coach Mike with Blayze Soccer back with another “Skills in 60 Seconds”. Today we will talk about the three things you need to do every time you strike the ball with your laces.


1. First, you need to keep your eyes on the ball. Specifically on that spot that you want to strike with your foot. In the example video, notice how I already have my eyes locked on the exact spot. For me, this spot is usually the middle or lower third of the ball.


Keep your eyes on that spot the entire time.


2. As you approach the ball, square your entire body toward the target. If the center of the net is your target, turn your body to face in that direction.


3. Now, your strike foot. You want to roll that foot forward as you are striking the ball to show your laces. Point your toe to the ground. This helps to expose the firm part of your foot that generates the most power. And it can add some backspin to help guarantee a straight line.




Every time you are striking the ball with your laces, keep your eyes down. Find the target on the ball. Keep your hips squared to where you want to deliver the ball. Roll that foot forward to expose the laces and get a nice, powerful clean strike.


Get out to the field and start practicing!


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