April 14, 2023

Athletic Development Planner Pt. 1: Track Your Goals

Mike Semenza


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Coach Mike, head soccer coach at Blayze, is sharing a tracking tool with you all that he recommends for every athlete. From the youngest player to the professional level player, this development planner can help you set goals and knock them out!


Blayze’s athletic development planner provides a structured approach to improve performance

Follow along for a quick overview on how to best use the athletic development planner and get started working on your goals.

Athletic Development Planner

At the top of the page, add your name and the date for the week.

The next two boxes are where you set your weekly goals. What do you plan to accomplish to take your game to the next level? At the end of the week, you’ll come back and do a self-evaluation. Were you able to accomplish your goals? How should you adjust your plan moving forward? You will use this area for reflection.

Your weekly goals and self-evaluation go at the top of the planner

Development Opportunities

The main section of the development planner will have you focusing on how to become a better player. Development opportunities are anything that you're doing on and off the field that help you become a better player or to accomplish your weekly goals.

This section allows you to write down and focus your goals

There are a million different ways to achieve this, which is why we created a list of development opportunities to help guide you.

Team Training Sessions: This could be club teams, high school teams, and/or competitive teams. It doesn't matter. Anything that you're doing in a team environment that is helping you become a better player.

  • Blayze Individual Training: These personalized drills, designed by Blayze professional coaches, will match your needs, match your abilities, and what you need to improve on your own to become a better player.
  • Physical Strengthening: You may be seeing a personal trainer that's teaching you how to lift weights. Are you going online and doing some core strengthening workouts? Are you going to yoga classes? All these things can be done with your team or on your own. These matter in taking care of your body and becoming a better player.
  • Soccer IQ: This is anything you're doing to further your education about the game. These are things like watching seminars, lectures, Instagram live videos of current or former players or coaches. Reading books or literature that has to do with the game of soccer. Are you watching games on TV and learning from players? Are you going and watching them in person?
  • Self-Care: This is anything that you're doing to help take care of your body and your mind. Using visualization techniques, stretching properly, maintaining proper hydration, eating quality nutritious foods. All these things matter to an athlete’s development.

Days of the Week: Use this section to mark when you completed the activity and for how long. Then add your total.

The second page gives you an area to write out notes on your development. What lessons did you learn in completing that development opportunity? This page can be powerful when you do the end-of-the-week self-evaluation. You need to identify any kind of lessons you learned that week and how they helped you improve in accomplishing your goal.

Use the second page for self-reflection

This is what the professionals are doing right now! Goal-setting and self-evaluations.

Join us for video two where we fill the whole template out from an athlete's perspective. In video three, we'll talk about how to look at this at the end of the week, break it down and analyze it.

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