April 28, 2023

Question of the Week: How Can I Become A Better Central Midfielder?

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How Can I Become A Better Central Midfielder?

Central midfielders play a key role on the field in every game. Becoming a more effective and dangerous central midfielder relies on a player's ability to refine both their offensive and defensive skill set.

Central midfielders need to be great passers, great dribblers in tight spaces, fast with their movement on and off the ball, and excellent at checking their shoulders and scanning the field

They typically run the most and cover the most ground on the field. The best way for a young player to improve their movement on and off the ball is by watching and studying professional central midfielders.

Midfielders need to keep the game as simple as possible. Look to complete simple passes and offer support to other players on the field. It is okay to take a chance with a medium or long-range pass that breaks defensive lines now and then.

Simple things like checking your shoulders to understand where you are and where the defenders are will help you more easily identify where there is time and space on the field.

A simple way to train and improve checking your shoulders is passing a ball against the wall and working on scanning your surroundings each time you pass the ball.

In your training, focus on passing with a partner from different distances and angles. When the ball comes back to you, check your shoulder and scan what is behind you and around you. Then work on dribbling the ball with control in tight spaces and looking up to play another pass.

Each player is unique, so everyone will have different skills they need to work on. Some are master passers, some are better dribblers, and some are tough defenders. The more of these you can become, the better.

Any chance you get to watch professional games, do so. Study everything central midfielders are doing throughout the entire game. Try writing down what you think they did well and what they could improve on. Then compare what you studied to yourself as a player. Watch your games if you have game footage and write down what you did well and what you could improve on.

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Video of the week: N'Golo Kanté | Incredible Work Ethic 💪

Kanté is a brilliant midfielder for Chelsea FC. He is also called the world's happiest footballer!
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