February 3, 2023

Blayze Soccer Training Coaching Session Preview

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Mike Semenza


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Learning From The Best Soccer Coaches Has Never Been Easier

Does your kid want to take their soccer game to the next level? Or are you playing for enjoyement later in life and want to see how you can up your skills? Blayze coaching is for you!

Here is a real preview of a coaching session from Blayze pro coach Mike Semenza. See how you can easily upload video from any drill or actual game film to have a world-class coach analyze.

Your coaching videos are always on your athlete dashboard so you can watch & re-watch them anytime. Included in this video athletes get a written summary and one or two highly specific goals that coaches can check off over the next coaching sessions so you can track your progress overtime.

At Blayze we know coaching is a journey and athletes develop deep relationships with their coaches. We have built our platform so the coach can continue to work with you overtime and pick up where they left off in your previous coaching session!

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Mike Semenza

6+ years of professional coaching with LA Galaxy, EXOS and COPA STC


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