May 6, 2020

Why You Can't Open Your Hands At The Apex

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The Four Main Reasons You Can’t Unwind Your Steering Wheel At The Apex

1) Too Early Of A Turn In

When you turn in too early you can not turn as aggressively at initial turn in. That means your line into the corner is shallower and the angle of your car is looking more straight (more towards the outside of the corner) at the apex.

This means as you apex and head towards the corner exit you will likely need to add steering wheel so you don’t fly off the edge of the road at the exit.

2) Not Using All The Track At Corner Entry

When you don’t use all the track at corner entry you are essentialy reducing the radius of the corner. The tighter the corner, the more aggressively you need to turn, and the more aggressively you turn in the slower you need to go.

So, if you try to roll in the same amount of speed as somoene on the ideal line but turn in a half car width from the outside of the road you will have too much speed at the apex and won’t be able to start unwinding the steering wheel.

3) Too Early To Initial Throttle

As we have covered in our weight transfer articles we know that when we pick up the throttle the weight shifts to the rear. As we shift the weight off the front end we are effectively lowering the amount of front grip we have.

So, if you’re racecar is still heading towards the apex after the turn in and you get to throttle you will be inducing understeer. That understeer will mean you are likely adding steering input right at the apex, right at the moment we want to be opening our hands.

4) Too Much Entry Speed

This last one is quite simple. If we roll too much entry speed either the rear of the racecar or the front will start to slide. If your front starts to slide you will understeer past the apex and won’t be able to pick the throttle up where we want to.

It is usually best for drivers to analyze their driving and ask themselves if they are making any of the first three mistakes. If you are on point in all of those then we know we likely just need to reduce our entry speed a little bit.

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