Sarah Woldmoe

Soccer coach

Blayze Coach Sarah Woldmoe
Blayze Coach Sarah Woldmoe
Blayze Coach Sarah Woldmoe

Starter for the 2012 U20WNT World Cup Champions

Starter and captain for UCLA Women’s Soccer and 2013 National Champions

Eight years of playing professionally in the NWSL as a starter and captain


  • Based in Chicago, IL
  • 5 years coaching experience
  • 5 Blayze members coached

About Sarah

I was born in Fort Wayne, IN where I grew up playing travel soccer my entire youth career starting at age 8. I played two years up with my sister's team and on many boys teams. I was invited in to a U18 National Team Camp when I was 16 and that is what started my national team career. I was able to make the U20 National Team and win the U20 World Cup with them in Japan in 2012. It was an awesome experience! After that, I played with the U23 National Team and was called in to a handful of USWNT Camps during my career. During this time, I was also recruited during high school and committed to play soccer at UCLA. There, I was able to make an impact and help the team to its first ever NCAA National Championship Title in 2013. We also won two PAC12 Titles. I graduated early in December of 2014 and was drafted in to the NWSL in January of 2015 to Sky Blue FC as the second pick in the draft. I played 6 years with Sky Blue FC before being traded to the Chicago Red Stars for my last season in 2021. During my career I have taken part in many different types of coaching roles. In high school I coached many Damarcus Beasley National Soccer School Camps. At UCLA I coached many camps as well. During my time in New Jersey I coached as a team coach, individual 1 on 1 coach, and even group session coach. I am looking forward to extending my learning and coaching experience to Blayze!

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Meet your dedicated coach and discuss your goals over a live, video intro call.

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Common Questions

  • Will working with you conflict with my child's teams coach?

    No! I am here to be a supportive piece in your child's learning process of the game and to come along your child's team coach to help your child develop on an individual level.

  • What skill level players do you coach?

    All. I am always available to coach anyone at any level as I love teaching, talking, and learning about the game.

  • My child wants to get recruited to play in college, can you help them with this?

    To the best of my ability I will help your child improve their game. I make no promises that your child will play in college as there are so many factors out of my control. But what I can do is help your child try to get a little better every day! And that is my goal as a coach!

  • My child struggles to translate practice to improved gameplay. Can you help them with improving actual in-game play?

    Yes! By focusing on areas of improvement during individual training times and also by reviewing game film, improved gameplay can be accomplished.

  • My child is trying to make the team, can you help them ahead of tryouts?

    Yes. There are tons of areas of the game that can be worked on before tryouts to help with skill level and confidence.

  • Are you able to help my child during off-seasons and during season or is one better than the other?

    One is not necessarily better than the other. Both are great times to work on your individual game!