Sydney Ellen

Guitar coach

Blayze Coach Sydney Ellen
Blayze Coach Sydney Ellen
Blayze Coach Sydney Ellen
Out of 7 reviews


  • Based in Los Angeles, CA
  • 10 years coaching experience
  • 15 Blayze members coached

About Sydney

Sydney Ellen is a guitarist, songwriter, and live performer, hailing from Southern California. A multi-faceted musician, Sydney was first a trained pianist at age five. Growing up listening to Classic Rock and being heavily influenced by the performance style of Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Sydney expanded her musical talent to the guitar, and soon after discovered her love for songwriting. Sydney attended Berklee College of Music, graduating Summa Cum Laude, and after two decades of curating her skills, still dedicates herself to perfecting her craft every single day. No stranger to the stage, Sydney has years of experience performing Classic Rock, Metal, Hard Rock, Funk, Motown, and Pop, but perhaps her greatest skill is her ability to perform on stage with an enviable sense of ease - a skill that has left her decorated with numerous awards as one of the top rising female guitarists in the rock scene. Sydney's music has been featured on 95.5 KLOS and Nikki Sixx's radio show - Sixx Sense. Sydney has also worked with top brands like Barbie, Mattel, Hilton, EMG Pickups, Bones Coffee, and more. As a coach for over 10 years, and a Fender Play Instructor for over 5 years, she discovered a passion for helping others find the joys of learning an instrument. Sydney loves improving her abilities as a coach like developing new approaches to learning and memory, discovering techniques and skills through songs, and redefining the meaning of “practice” in our daily routine.

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Rating & Reviews

Out of 7 reviews
Response Time
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Blaze | Bobby Merritt
Bobby Merritt
February 24, 2024
Sydney is an awesome coach I am learning more than I have been able to teach myself I can;t wait for more lessons
Blaze | Justin Gorson
Justin Gorson
January 5, 2024
The feedback is what I need from my playing and just with one submitted piece, Sydney provided valuable feedback I can easily work into my day to day playing.
Blaze | Stacey Harman
Stacey Harman
December 24, 2023
Sydney is great!

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Meet your dedicated coach and discuss your goals over a live, video intro call.

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Common Questions

  • Do you specialize in any particular styles?

    Pop, Rock, Fingerstyle, Funk, Motown, Metal

  • What things do you focus on most when teaching?

    Technique troubleshooting, chord transitions, barre chords, and soloing.

  • Do you teach acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass or ukulele?

    Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and ukulele

  • Are you comfortable teaching all age ranges?

    Yes! Absolutely!