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Available Blayze Plans

After your 14-day trial, you’ll automatically enroll into the 60 Credit Yearly plan. You can adjust your plan at any time. Learn more about credits here.

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Recommended Plan
60 Credits 8 - 10 coaching sessions/year $ 39 / month Billed at $ 469/year SELECT PLAN
120 Credits 15 - 20 coaching sessions/year $ 79 / month Billed at $ 949/year SELECT PLAN
180 Credits 25 - 30 coaching sessions/year $ 119 / month Billed at $ 1,429/year SELECT PLAN
  • Get personal coaching sessions when & where you need them.
  • Credits never expire, use them when you need and as long as you’re a member unused credits will rollover.
  • Use credits for any type of coaching session! Schedule live calls with your instructor or get skill analysis sessions.
  • Flexible plans to match the frequency of coaching you want. Change your plan or cancel anytime.
Review author

Coach Mike has been an amazing coach not only for soccer practice and game strategy but also in other important aspects for our growing young adults. He helps my daughters build confidence, tactical skill sets, and guides them through thinking positively.

What are credits?

Each plan includes credits which are used to redeem personal coaching sessions with your instructor. The amount of credits needed varies by the session type:

Traning Analysis

Submit video clips of you running through up to 3 drills for your coach to review and identify areas for improvement

4 credits

Half-Game Analysis

Upload video from one half a game for your coach to review

13 credits

Full Game Analysis

Upload an entire game for your coach to review in-depth and give you actionable coaching to improve today

25 credits

How to use your credits

Here’s how some Blayze members use credits for personal coaching:

How Blayze Pricing Compares to In-Person Coaching

Coaching Options Blayze In-Person Private Coaching Soccer Camps Academies
Average price per lesson $39/month $600+/month $1,000+/week $65,000/year
Average player to coach ratio 1:1 3:1 15:1 5:1
Complimentary of the teams coach & system check no check no check check
Game film coaching check no check no check check
Vetted pro-coaches check no check no check check
Coaches work around your schedule check no check no check no check
Customized training plans for every player check no check no check no check

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Frequently asked questions

  • Why does Blayze use credits?

    At Blayze, we offer a flexible and versatile coaching system through the use of credits. With one app and one plan, you can receive coaching for any activity you want. Many of our customers have coaches for multiple activities, each with different coaching options and price points. The credit system allows you to work with various coaches and access coaching sessions when and where you want. When you sign up for Blayze, you can have dedicated coaches in as many activities as you want and use your credits towards 1-on-1 coaching sessions with any coach at any time.

  • Do Blayze credits rollover?

    Yes! As long as you remain a member, all your credits rollover after each billing period and can be used at any point.

  • How much does a Blayze credit cost?

    When paying for a yearly plan, you save 20% on credits, bringing the cost to a little under $8 per credit. When purchasing monthly or quarterly plans, credits cost $10 each. Members can also purchase credits a-la-carte for $10 per credit at any point.

  • How do I know how many credits I need?

    Visit our pricing page (Pricing Options | Blayze ) and scroll down to the "What are credits" section. Select the activity you are interested in to see the coaching options and how many credits each one costs. Note that live calls have variable prices set by the coaches. You can adjust your plan or purchase additional credits at any point after becoming a member.

  • Can I select a specific Blayze coach to work with?

    Absolutely! You can select any coach you want to work with or if you need help we can select one of our world-class coaches for you.

  • How do I know if I'm ready for a Blayze coach?

    When you work with the very best coaches they will tailor their coaching to your experience level. So, it doesn't matter if it's your first day playing a new sport or you have been playing for 20 years, our coaches can help you! Perfect for players of all ages, experience levels, and interest levels. It doesn’t matter if you want to play in college or the pros one day or if you just want to beat your friend and rival, our coaches are here for you.

  • How do I film myself?

    You can use any camera to record yourself working through any drill. Our coaches just want to ensure they can see your entire body as you run through it. Most athletes just prop up their phone or have a friend film them from their phone. Do you have game film from a Hudl, Veo, or any other camera types? If so, you can absolutely upload that too!

  • Who are the coaches?

    We believe the only way to learn is to ensure you are working with the very best coaches in the world. We founded Blayze with the goal of making it more affordable and accessible for anyone to learn personally from those coaches. So, when you come to Blayze for coaching you can be sure that you will be working with the best minds in sports coaching. Not only have they competed at the top levels of their sports, they have a unique ability to communicate complex and technical things in a way that is easy to understand for all age groups and skill levels and actually make the changes you need!

  • How long is it until I get my coaching session?

    Our coaches aim to turn around coaching sessions within 48 hours.

  • Is my coaching session secure?

    Yes! Only you will see your coaching video unless you decide you would like to share them.

  • Is Blayze a conflict with my team coach?

    Coaches at Blayze take the time to learn more about your teams head coach and what they want out of you. Head coaches often are focused on the entire team and don't have the time to dive deep 1 on 1 with every player and that is where Blayze coaches come in. Every coach at Blayze is focused entirely on you. They take the time to learn about your strengths, weaknesses, your technique, physical ability, and mental toughness. They take all of that and create custom training programs and personalized video analysis coaching sessions just for you based on your game film or training videos. This allows Blayze coaches to supplemental to your in-person coaches and not a conflict at all.

  • What video should I upload to my coach?

    You can upload game film or training film! For training film Blayze will show you exactly what drills to run through and how to film for your first technique analysis. If you want to upload game film you can upload video from any camera or share links to your video on Veo or Hudl if you have them!

  • What camera should I use?

    Any camera! You can upload video from your phone, go-pro, Hudl, Veo or from any other video camera or video analysis platform.