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The BLAYZE Story

As Dion von Moltke ended his professional racing career and turned his focus to coaching, he was consistently bothered by one major issue. The lack of affordability and accessibility to world-class coaches, meant so many athletes did not have the means to learn personally from them.

Dion and Chris teamed up and spent hours working with the worlds best coaches to get their input on the future of coaching. Born out of these conversations came a new concept of "bite sized" remote visual coaching. To make pro-coaching affordable Blayze came up with a way to use video of an athlete and technology to provide coaching over it. Through our platform at Blayze we have been able to drastically reduce the upfront cost to learn personally from the best coaches in the world and help scale those same coaches to have an even bigger inpact in their sport.

We have also found the very best coaches in the industry and signed them. When athletes of any level come to Blayze for advice and coaching they can be sure that only the very best coaches will be working with them.

Professional Racer

Dion Von Moltke

Dion von Moltke has been racing professionally now for 15 years. This sport is what he lives and breathes. Throughout his professional career, he has always been passionate about coaching young aspiring professional drivers as well as amateur drivers of all types. He started Blayze through looking for ways to give back to the sport that gave him so much.

He was always disappointed with how expensive pro coaching was and how that made it unavailable to a large majority of drivers looking to improve in this sport. He knew that a lot of his success was due to being lucky enough to learn persoanlly from world-class coaches early on.

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