May 10, 2022

Avoid Generic Soccer Drills, Use Individualized Training

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What do great players do in their training sessions that separates them from the rest? This is a question that everyone in the soccer world is seeking an answer to at the moment. Social media holds many answers to this question. Unfortunately, most of what you find on social media is a complete waste of your athlete’s time.

Why Social Media Training Doesn’t Work

Both parents and athletes need to understand that the best training a young soccer player can get is by being outside in the sun with a ball at their feet. I often search social media for soccer training because I want to know what some of these online coaches are creating for athletes.

Content creators design most “drills” and “content” to pull you into their social media channels. They create things like catchy skill moves, fancy technical training ideas, fitness/nutrition tips, or use the newest training equipment. The truth, however, is most content pieces on social media are made to get views and likes.

Social media training is not specific to what an individual athlete needs in terms of their personal goals, strengths, and weaknesses in their own game. Social media can be a beneficial tool when used properly by athletes for things like sharing game highlights or getting their names out to a wider audience of coaches and players from around the world.

Yet, most athletes do not use social media for these purposes. Instead, they find themselves getting caught in the trap of catchy content. What they need to be focusing on is planning out their individualized training to accomplish their goals.

You Need Individualized Soccer Drills

A lot of content creators will draw a younger soccer player in with a catchy skill move. While this can be a fun skill for the player to work on and develop, does this skill help the player in development? Maybe. It is one thing to have fun and flashy moves on the soccer field. It is another to be able to dribble around three defenders and complete a perfectly placed cross to your teammate.

The problem with social media training is many times the content pieces are missing the fundamentals. You want to work on shooting, but have you developed proper shooting techniques? If not, you could put yourself at risk of injury trying some of these online drills.

You first need to know the fundamentals of how to dribble, how to pass, and how to shoot before you can take on stronger skill development. You may not even know you are technically performing some of these skills incorrectly. This is why it is important to have a trained coach review your training to help you perform at your best.

How to Weed Out the Generic

Here are some tips to help you skip over social media content generators.

Give a second thought to

  • Training drills where players are randomly jumping over hurdles and performing millions of different footwork patterns in and out of cones or ladders.
  • Fitness tips from random people encouraging kids to do 100 pushups and core work all day long or treadmill circuits every day. This extreme fitness is not healthy for all athletes.
  • Nutrition pages that fail to mention that everyone’s body is different and also fail to consider that every single athlete has different nutritional needs based on what they do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • New fancy training equipment that is there to look good on camera or gamify the training experience for athletes. Some athletes need to be able to separate their love of video games and get outside with the ball.


Using a professional coach will help to guide and mentor you so that you can create a training plan that is tailored to your individual needs. Young soccer players most often see real and tangible improvements in their game when their individual training becomes targeted.

At Blayze we give you personalized video analysis coaching sessions and individual training programs, plus mentorship from professional coaches.

Our Blayze+ program breaks down the barriers to finding elite-level training by making top-tier coaches available for ALL athletes. Custom-developed coaching sessions can help you improve your on-field skills, so you are performing at your very best in every game. For a truly unique and personalized feedback experience, click HERE to learn more about the Blayze+ program!

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