January 24, 2022

Blayze Sample Soccer Coaching Session

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Mike Semenza


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Detailed Training or Game Film Analysis

In this sample coaching session you will see Blayze coach, Mike Semenza, breaking down a players game film. Our coaches focus purely on you and break down your video just like they do with pro players.

Soccer players can upload video from their training sessions or from their games to get this level of 1 on 1 coaching with Blayze coaches. The best part of this is you can watch and re-watch your coaching sessions anytime from anywhere. Blayze focuses on combining world-class coaches with science backed teaching techniques to make the single best coaching experience for youth athletes available today.

Learn More With Blaze!

The secret to mastering any skill is practice! Are you looking to become a stronger player? Could you use direct feedback from a professional coach on how to improve your passing skills or vision on the field?

At Blayze we give you a personalized coaching session from the very best coaches in the world. For a truly unique and personalized feedback experience, submit your performance video to one of Blayze’s highly qualified coaches. The custom-developed coaching session can help you improve your on-field skills, so you are performing at your very best in every game. One easy click here will take you to more details on our coaching sessions

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Mike Semenza

6+ years of professional coaching with LA Galaxy, EXOS and COPA STC


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