February 3, 2023

Mazda Motorsports & Blayze Join To Bring Pro Coaching To Grassroots Racers Everywhere

Dion von Moltke

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Blayze and Mazda Motorsports are proud to announce a partnership for 2020 that will bring professional level coaching anywhere Mazda Team Support Program (MTSP) members are racing, any time they are racing, to any Mazda car they are racing for less than $100. Whether it’s through 1:1 coaching, webinars, or track-specific resources, Mazda racers will receive elite level coaching. And for some Mazda participants, personalized coaching is included as part of the 2020 Mazda Contingency Awards Program.

Drivers coming to Blayze work with the best coaches in the world. The Blayze coaching roster includes racers who, combined, have more than 100 IndyCar Starts, multiple Rolex at Daytona 24 Hour wins, multiple Sebring 12 Hour wins and more. Among the all-star group are Mazda factory drivers Tom Long and Andrew Carbonell.

After your on-track session, drivers can easily upload video [DC1] [DvM2] from any camera system and or data [DC3] [DvM4] from any data system to the Blayze platform for one of its professional coaches to review and create a personalized video to share with you; the cost for this coaching is only \$99.

For those desiring to further improve during the race weekend itself. 24 hour turn around time is available for only an additional, \$50. And if you compete in SCCA Time Trials, Mazda is offering 1:1 pro coaching through the Blayze platform as part of the Mazda Contingency Awards Program.

To help prepare before a given event, all MTSP members will receive a free 7-day trial and a 20% discount to the Blayze Driver’s Lounge. Through the Lounge, drivers can access video track breakdowns to more than 35 tracks across the U.S., recordings to all Blayze coach webinars, exclusive partner discounts, and more for less than \$100 a year! To access your free trial today, click here.

“Like any sport, racing takes coaching to get the most out of it,” commented David Cook, business development manager, Mazda Motorsports. “Hiring a coach to be with you in person is a barrier for some, even though racing itself has its expenses. So when we dug into the quality of coaches and disruptive technology Blayze uses, we recognized a partnership could help bridge the learning gap with the masses. For us, it’s all about providing the best experience we can for all of our customers.”

“At Blayze we love to partner with the companies, organizations, and people that help continue to drive our sport forward. I don’t think anyone has done more for our sport than Mazda; for me this is a truly special announcement,” said Blayze co-founder, Dion von Moltke. “Through this partnership, Mazda racers will enjoy special webinars, unique offers on pro coaching, and consistent material that should help them improve on the race track and go faster while also being safer.”

Mazda drivers can look forward to more announcements coming very soon as Blayze and Mazda will be holding a joint webinar totally free to ALL amateur racers coming your way very soon. To learn more about Blayze and their personalized coaching services visit: https://blayze.io/

About Blayze

Blayze is an online personal coaching platform for passionate athletes of all levels. After being founded in 2018 by professional racecar driver Dion von Moltke and his co-founder Christopher Roberts, Blayze has been able to prove that you can combine the effectiveness of in-person coaching with the accessibility and affordability of online education and combine the two to make something truly special. Drivers using Blayze now feel like they have their own secret weapon! Blayze has a very intense selection process for their coaches that curates only the very best coaches on their platform. Amateur racing drivers of all levels can send in their video or data to be reviewed by these elite coaches. After reviewing the driver's video or data the Blayze coach films an in-depth personal coaching session for that driver using tools like slow motion, annotation, and web cameras to give actionable and specific coaching at a level never seen before.

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