February 20, 2023

How to practice your braking technique everyday

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How to practice your braking technique everyday


One of the main aspects of our sport that makes it so damn difficult is the lack of reps and practice that most of us get. It's really difficult to make improvements if we are able to only practice once a month (and for many of us once a month would be a dream case scenario).


So how can we get more practice reps in? Well, there are a few things we can actually work on off the track to get more reps in.


The first example here is how we manipulate the brakes. Think about how you usually brake coming to a stop sign or stop light.


You start off with light brakes and slowly add more and more brake pressure and where you have the most brake pressure you are coming to a stop.


What do we want to do on the race track? We want to do the exact opposite. We build up to peak brake pressure quickly and then work on our release.


From now on let's work on braking to stop signs and lights like you would into a corner. That doesn't mean we are threshold braking and in the abs - you'll have some very unhappy passengers.


What I mean is to quickly build to your "peak" brake pressure early and then work on actually releasing off of brake pressure as you arrive at the point you want to stop. If you get this right you can still absolutely come to a stop while releasing off the brakes (obviously not fully getting off the brakes). This will also help build the feeling in your feet with that crucial last 5% of brake release.


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Article of the week: What can you do to train your eyes?

how can motorsport athletes train their eyes

One element that separates the greats from everyone else in any sport is their vision. That doesn't just mean how clearly the see but it relates more to how well they use their eyes.


As racers we need to have a strong ability to move our eyes quickly from reference point to reference point and build strong peripheral vision. While this dream may seem stupidly simple the truth is more mental or visual training drills are dead simple.


If you see trainers or instagram channels with athletes doing crazy different things you should just keep scrolling...


Video of the week: Good Lap vs. Great Lap

Piere Gasly vs. Max Verstappen

I found this pretty cool video breaking down Gasly vs. Verstappen's qualifying laps in the same car from a few years ago. You'll see in some corners higher min speeds are what matter and in others it's about where they get back to full throttle.


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