November 16, 2022

Eye Training Drills For Motorsport Athletes

Ken Hill

Car Racing

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In motorsports, athletes need to have remarkable visual skills. The ability to focus, use quick reactions, and track fast-moving objects can make a difference in winning and losing as well as staying safe on the racetrack. Being able to increase your visual awareness can help give you a competitive edge.

Strong visual skills are critical for avoiding collisions and maintaining a clear view of the track. Sports vision training helps to strengthen a racer’s dynamic vision, reaction times, and depth perception.

How The Eye Drill Works

Blayze professional racecar driver coach, Ken Hill, will walk you through this easy eye drill to help you improve your vision on the racetrack.

Step 1

The first step is to grab a piece of paper, or a whiteboard, and draw 5 circles on it in random places. Then number each circle.

Before you begin the drill, tell yourself, “I have to move my eyes”. It sounds simple, but it is easy to fall into the trap of moving your head from one circle to another rather than using your eyes themselves.

Once everything is ready, we’ll want to start slow.

Step 2

Start with 2 of the circles and move your eyes from one circle to the next circle and back. The most important thing here is to look at each circle long enough for the number to come into focus in your vision.

Move from one circle to the next. But only move on once the number within the circle is clear and in focus. Remember, you are focusing on moving your eyes and not your head!

Step 3

Now to make it a challenge! We want to work on focusing on the numbers to the exclusion of everything else. This drill is going to sound so simple and easy but once you put it to work you will realize it is difficult.

We want to start with a goal of only 10 seconds following the guideline of step 2. But to be successful we want to ensure no other thought enters our mind for the full 10 seconds except the numbers in front of us. If any other thoughts enter your mind before the 10 seconds are up, it's a fail and you start over again.

Once we can successfully do 10 seconds, try 15 seconds, try 20 seconds, can you get up to 30 seconds or even more?

Now we are not only training our eyes but our minds as well!

Want to know how this works in conjunction with finding your reference points on the race track? Check out this great video from Ken on finding reference points on the race track.

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