November 14, 2022

The Fastest Line Through The Left Hander at Lime Rock Park

Blayze | Dion von Moltke

Dion von Moltke

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Hey everyone, welcome to the newest edition of our free one corner analysis, where we ask all of our fans what corner kicks their butt the most, and we help them by breaking down their own driving through their video and give them a free analysis with a Blayze professional driver coach in under 60 seconds.

This week is a fun one sent in from Andrew, who is using iRacing. The great thing about sim racing is that all the same techniques and things that we want to execute on still apply. So it doesn't matter if you're a sim racer or a club racer, an auto crosser, or even just an HBDE track day enthusiast, we can help you and teach you the skills that it's going to take to not only get faster, but also safer on track while you're doing it.

So for Andrew I'm going to put 60 seconds up on the clock here and we're going to start breaking down his driving around Lime Rock Park's left-hander. So here we go, 60 seconds on the clock. Let's go through it.

So what I want to see is for Andrew come in and have more of a double apex line. Keep it close in here, not really rounding all the way on the outside. So if we keep close right through here you apex early, and you want enough speed to where the front slides out about a car width or so off the inside of the corner, through the middle of it, so it'll be to the inside. At this point the car will start sliding wide.

The next key area... I'm going to pause it... I'm going to back up a little bit and pause it where I hear his initial throttle application come in. So Andrew is getting to throttle right here. I really want to see him delay his initial throttle until much later around the corner, so break lighter initially, a little bit more entry speed. Delay the initial throttle application till later, because that is going to have the front end turning more efficiently. Trail braking and keeping off the throttle will mean more weight on the front end, and it's going to turn nicer, and when he gets to proper throttle here he'll be able to keep it following to the left, because the main goal for me in turn three is getting the car it all the way to the left beofre turn in for turn four.

So that was our analysis under 60 seconds. Hopefully that helps for you Andrew. It's a tough corner. Just remember your priority here is set up for turn four, so be all the way to the left as we're getting ready for that right-hander.

If you guys are looking for professional coaching affordably, go visit All you have to do is send us your onboard video and in 48 hours or less a pro coach will go through your video and return you analysis just like this, using the web cam adaptations on the giant screen. It will be about a 20 minute in depth breakdown on the techniques and line changes you can do to find speed and beat your competition.

Go win your next race and keep enjoying and improving your race craft. Thanks again. We'll see you guys at the track soon.
Blayze | Dion von Moltke

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Blayze | Dion von Moltke

Dion von Moltke

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