November 14, 2022

What Drivers Are Saying About Blayze

Ricky Taylor

Car Racing

What Drivers Are Saying About Blayze Image

What Are Drivers Saying About Blayze

"Pro coaching has been the single biggest thing I have used to improve my performance (on the race track)" - Ben Grambau, NASA Driver.

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Blayze | Ricky Taylor

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About the coach

Ricky Taylor

IMSA DPi Champion

Car Racing

My name is Ricky Taylor. I grew up in a racing family with my Dad and my brother who are very much involved together in the sport. I have been professionally involved in Sportscar racing since 2012, but started my career in karts in 2002. I have a passion racing and studying what makes people fast. The racecar doesn't do anything without a driver's inputs, so studying driving styles to work with the particular racecar is something I have always found interesting.

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