September 12, 2018

Data Review At Road Atlanta

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Braking Pressures

The first thing we want to take a look at when we analyze data at Road Atlanta is peak brake pressures. When you zoom out and look at an entire lap is your highest brake pressure coming in the turn 10a brake zone? If that is not the case or if you see consistent brake pressures everywhere then we know an adjustment must be made.

Turns 1, 7, and 10 are the corners where we should see higher brake pressure. Turns 3,6 and especially 6 we should see very light brake pressure.

Almost every corner at Road Atlanta we also want to be trail braking. In turn 1 we should be able to bring in enough entry speed to be trail braking almost all the way to the apex. We often see drivers on throttle way before the apex, but this is something we need to avoid. If you can pick up the throttle not long after turn in then you have likely over slowed.

Turn 6 is the only corner that we don’t want much of a trail brake on and we will get into why in this next section.

Early Turn-In For Turn 6

Turn 6 is 100% an entry speed corner. In fact, pro drivers really don’t care where they pick up the throttle. If they roll in enough speed so that they can only pick up the throttle at the very end of the apex curb then they are happy.

We also want quite the early turn in for turn 6. There is a lot of banking here, so when you turn in too late then you don’t take advantage of the extra grip that banking provides. It is almost like you are falling down into the banking when you turn in too late vs. the banking catching the car when you turn in earlier.

So, a nice and slow but early turn-in will help you maximize the entry speed through turn 6 which all help you be faster around Road Atlanta!

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