January 18, 2023

Adjusting Your Riding For Different Sized Motorcycles

Mike Edwards


Adjusting Your Riding For Different Sized Motorcycles Image

Step 1: Understanding What Each Sized Bike Is Good At

Every bike is going to have different strengths and weaknesses, as riders we have to undertand what those are. In general the smaller motorcycles are going to be more nimble so they will be better with change of direction, braking, cornering, and the ability to get back to full throttle earlier.

While larger bikes have a big advantage on the straightaways. Riders need to really focus on getting back to full throttle at the appropriate time to maximize its strength in speed.

Step 2: Utilizing The Strengths Is Critical

We know the typically the smaller bikes are going to be better with cornering and braking so utilizing these strengths at the correct time is critical. Riders on a smaller bike relying purely on straight line speed and a draft to overtake a bigger bike will be doomed for failure, they aren't maximizing the strengths of their bike.

Riders on the smaller bikes have to rely on a later brake zone, higher corner speeds into and throughout the corner. This is combination will slingshot you out onto the straight which will help close down the gap the larger bikes make on each straight.

Riders on bigger bikes can easily fall into the trap of trying to roll too much entry speed to keep up with smaller bikes through the middle of the corner. The issue here is the riders have forgotten about how to utilize their strengths to their advantage. Too much entry speed will cause the rider to keep a huge amount of lean angle for too long delaying when they get back to full throttle early.
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